Run a family like they run a country. So maybe this is the worst idea in history but how would it go. So lets focus on the western form of governing first. We would have a president either mum or dad, then the cabinet, the remaining adults and elder children and the populace, the remaining members. The presidents job would be to organise the cabinet into roles such as waste management, food supply and preparation and sanitary roles. The cabinets role would be to perform their tasks or outsource to the populace is capacity is available. The president could later fire people from their role or promote them to other roles depending on performance or demote them to populace and populace could be promoted to cabinet if giving a strong performance in their duties the president could be voted out of power by the family if viewed to be not performing in the role and a member of the cabinet could take over. So all in all quite a messy system but it could work in the right circumstances and would sure spice up family life.

So what about other leadership models, we have the dictatorship which many family probably already implement without realising. One overlord with authority that can not be questioned, maybe a lackey general to enforce their will on the rest of the family, yes that sounds quite familiar to me.

How about a completely flat structure with every decision put to a vote, could work for the most part and may involve some odd family decisions especially in child heavy families. After that 7th trip to Disneyland this year it would probably be replaced by a dictatorship.

So all in all this has been a weird trip down the rabbit hole and I highly recommend you disregard anything you have just read.

“We know not where our dreams will take us, but we can probably see quite clearly where we’ll go without them.”
Marilyn Grey

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